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Survivor OTR Steel & Concrete Decks

The Rice Lake Survivor truck scales stand above and beyond all other truck scales on the market today. The main reason is the G-Force mounting system. This system is so advanced that Rice Lake has had is patented. The G-Force system takes the weight of the truck on the scale and the scale stops moving, thus eliminating excess movement of the scale. All other scales on the market use bumpers that “bump” into the end walls or rigid check-rods that eliminate movement. Both of these designs have many problems and will cost much more in maintenance and repairs. If these bumpers are too close and “rubbing” then the scale weights will be light and you will be giving away product or buying it at the wrong weight. If these bumpers are too far out, then there is excessive movement, which will start to damage load cells, cables, and other parts. Rice Lake has taken this worry away. Besides, who has time to constantly check your bumpers every week? We at Everweigh have seen scales grow up to 1 inch because of the heat of the sun, making the bumpers rub. The second reason why the Rice Lake Survivor truck scale is the perfect scale for today’s market is how it is built. Both of the OTR concrete and steel deck modules are built to meet federal bridge standards. The steel deck design features 12-12” wide flange beams on 12” centers running longitudinally with the traffic flow beneath a 5/16”diamond plate deck. The concrete deck features 12” main beams and 6” beams under a 6” thick slab of concrete. The wide flange I-beam construction helps minimize deflection (vertical flexing) a major factor in determining the life of the weighbridge. An industry-leading 100,000 lb CLC means you’ll have consistent, accurate weighments, even under the toughest conditions. Rice Lake Survivor OTR scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 250 trucks per day for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue-equivalent to over 2 million weighments. Contact Everweigh today for a custom quote of your Rice Lake Truck Scale.

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